Springfield Stamp


Springfield Stamp

We’ve been a family-owned business for over 50 years!

Adam’s uncle, John Arnold, started Springfield Stamp, beginning a long tradition of customer service and attention to detail.

While he loves his customers and work, after half a century of hard work, it was time for John to spend a little less time at the shop and a little more time getting work done around his house. So he approached us (Adam and Bri) about taking over the business. (Although you can still find him puttering around the shop answering all of the challenging questions!)

Long time admirers of John’s conscientious and meticulous approach to Springfield Stamp, we agreed to continue the legacy.

Combining John’s years of experience with new ideas and technology, we focus on premium quality products and top-notch customer service.

Howdy from Springfield Stamp, your one-stop shop for custom rubber stamps, personalized stamps, and all things that help you make a lasting impression! Whether you're a bustling bakery needing custom logo stamps for your packaging or a freelance artist adding a unique touch with art stamps, we've got the perfect tool for your small business.

Why Choose Springfield Stamp?

We’re legendary for our turnaround time.

It sounds like bragging, I know, but the fact is, it’s a bit of an obsession.

We can’t even go to bed at night if there are dirty dishes in the sink…(despite a toddler dominating our evening routine!)

So if there’s work to be done, we don’t rest until it’s done.

So you can be assured that we process your order as efficiently as possible.

Plus, as a family business, we bring mid-western family values to work every day.  Our customers are an extension of our community, even though they may come from the farthest reaches of the country.

We want everything to be PERFECT…so we take the time to ask the right questions and deliver exactly what our clients want and need.